Learn about historic Germantown real estate.If you’re interested in the historic Germantown real estate, then head to the Germantown Historical Society. In July 2015, the society bought the Historic Germantown Bank Building for $1 from Montgomery County. The society is currently working to raise money to refurbish the building and turn it into a museum, as well as offices for the society. The plan is to focus on the history of Germantown and especially on banking during the Great Depression.

Explore Original Germantown Homes with the Historical Society Guide

Germantown home owners can help raise funds in a couple of different ways. First, by becoming members of the society. An individual membership is just $20 per year. Second, help write letters and campaign with the society to preserve historic structures in Germantown. Third, come to the monthly flea market. These are held the first Saturday of the month from April through November. It’s a great place to find treasures to bring back to your Germantown real estate.

Visit the Germantown Historical Society online to learn more about the projects of the society. You can find a list of historic buildings and homes, some of which are open to visitors. The Cider Barrel, for example, is visible from the road. It was the site where Andrew Baker sold non-alcoholic cider during Prohibition. It was so delicious that people even came to town from Washington to buy it.